Restaurants & Cafeterias

Restaurants have two very important people to answer to, customers and the health inspectors. Clean Facilities Inc. uses innovative cleaning methods to keep grease off kitchen floors and grout lines clean. We get under all appliances and hard to reach areas to prevent the spread of pest and grease. Your health inspector will praise you greatly after they see the difference in cleanliness in both your kitchen, washroom and dining area!

Our Services for Restaurants and Cafeterias

  • Night Cleaners
  • Thorough cleaning of dining area floors, tables, waiting areas and hallways.
  • Thorough cleaning of washrooms and restocking toiletries
  • Thorough cleaning of kitchen floors (deck brushing floors)
  • Kitchen appliance maintenance cleaning
  • Steam cleaning of appliances and upholstered seats
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Patio pressure washing