Clean Facilities wants to provide you with a clean that surpasses your expectation. We at clean facilities have a customer based approach! Our success is a result of attention to customer feedback, and providing a tailored cleaning solution that meets the needs of every customer while staying cost efficient.

We work with chemical companies, cleaning supply and machine manufacturers to learn cleaning methods and techniques that are proven to work. Every facility is different, and we understand that. Every floor type, and material or fixture that needs to be cleaned, has its own cleaning system, our cleaners are trained extensively on these cleaning systems, to ensure the upmost standard of clean!

Cleaning Methods Used:

  • Coloured micro-fibre cloth system to prevent contamination
  • High quality sanitization systems by Infinity Sanitization
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals
  • HEPA filter vacuums to remove allergens in the workplace
  • Deep Cleaning Solutions to restore damaged flooring
  • Sabre Method in all restaurant floors
  • What is the sabre method? Recommended by top food hospitality giant Recipes and reinforced by EcoLab. (The 3 step process of cleaning a kitchen floor involves: deck brushing, wet vacuuming, dry mopping)


We are what we repeatedly do. Our owner- operated cleaners have had many years of cleaning experience and have decided to pursue their passion for cleaning by investing into their future as owner-operators with clean facilities. Our cleaners are self employed franchisees, So rest assured you are in good hands with every cleaner on our team!

Our owner Operator approach means all our cleaners are also part owners of Clean Facilities. Therefore they will treat every customer of Clean Facilities as their very own. Staff will never have the best interest for a customer as an owner does! Our cleaners will spend the extra time and go the extra mile to ensure your cleaning standards are met and expectations have been surpassed!



There is a lot of reasons for why you would want to switch your current cleaning vendor! They may not be performing well, issues with transparency and trust, they don’t have the availability you need, or they just aren’t within your budget.

What ever the reason may be, we will make sure our turnover is a smooth and swift one. “We have had customers call in saying their old cleaners just didn’t show up suddenly, and their facility was in poor condition for opening. What I did was send in my team right away. Made sure their facility was ready to operate as planned. Then only had my sales team provide a quotation.” CEO Hinthu Baskaran. We make sure that when you decided to switch companies, you are in good hands. No hiccups, no issues or unexpected delays. We want you to take care of your business so we can take care of ours!